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Who uses the Training Triangle?




The Training Triangle is your programs perfect solution for high-quality standardized training sessions across all age groups and skill levels.  Mannequin training, or pattern recognition training, is being implemented among all top European programs for their player development.  We are in the business of ‘stealing their fire’ by making this type of training affordable, portable, and perhaps most importantly, simple to pick up and implement right away by any coach or team skill level.  Check out these customer reviews we’ve received over the last two years from coaches across all competition levels including Recreation, High School, Academy, European Clubs, College Division I, and National Teams!   





Rec Level Feedback 

“Too often, truly small recreation programs like ours are lucky to have parents volunteer out of the goodwill of their heart, without any soccer background. Unfortunately, the goodwill becomes a frustrating situation for the volunteer parent, players and the program because of the struggles to organize and explain the game to children without the tools to do so. Now with The Triangle Training we have those tools!  The Training Triangle may have just saved the many struggling grassroots recreational soccer programs in America!”

- Whitney O’ Daniel, President, Carbondale Soccer

“Our recreational soccer program has really benefitted from the Triangle Training Method, because the triangles, smartphone app, and ebook have made it easy for parent coaches to successfully lead recreational team training.”

- Alex W, DOC, Bishop Academy


High School Level Feedback

"Excellent idea and product. My High School players now know the WHY along with the HOW and it really has been wonderful to see them quickly improve so many elements of their game over a few short months."

 - Carlos S. Head Coach, Wilson High School

"I love these triangles. I use them at the beginning of every training session that I run with the U10, U15 and high school teams that I work with."   

 - Stephen R. Head Coach, Columbus High School

“I love the triangles, they really help younger players visualize their actual movement, checking in/out or lack thereof.  The triangles are easy to use and make a great teaching tool. Love the drills that came with it and the updates. Makes my players recognize space and get better touches in tight spaces.”

 - Derrick C. Technical Director, Broadwater Academy


Academy Level Feedback

“I’m a big Bayern member and have been doing this drill for over a year and half.  We add combinations going to goal off of this in our training sessions. But the one thing I really enjoy about your triangle equipment is I have to go around and constantly put cones back in place or my sticks redirecting the ball. This keeps the flow to the drill and let’s me focus on the coaching points more.”

 - Danny Cruz Pro Coach, San Jose Earthquakes

“The training triangles are a big part of our teams technical development!  We use them every session and the boys are always excited to use them. These exercises / activities have had a big difference in the way our team trains.”

 - Ronnie Bolton, Clarence United Australia


College Division I Mens Soccer Feedback

 “Love the triangles, let's go!  I’m incorporating the Triangle Training Method into my camps now and TTM has proven to be a perfect template for campers to get a ton of touches and soccer specific movements in an efficient and organized way."

- Dan Donigan, Rutgers Men’s Head Coach

"Substituting mannequins with The Training Triangles has solved the portability, storage, transportation and other issues we've experienced while using full sized mannequins to train pattern play for the last 10 years.”

- Bob Warming, Penn State Men's Head Coach


European Club Feedback

"Our players are already perfecting their technical skills with this method!  In TEC we have incorporated the Triangle Method to our pass wheels, technical figures, isolated domain stations, dribble drills ... This method is used in the top academies at European level for the development of its contents.”

- Borja Facal Lema, Spanish club Unidad TEC Academy 



“Thanks for the triangles, cannot believe how quickly they arrived. I used them for the first time on Saturday and they are brilliant, just what I've been looking for for ages and a real benefit to our skills training football academy.”

- Matt D, Brazilian Soccer Schools in UK


National Team Feedback

“We are having success using the triangles with our teams for a variety of training passing patterns and technique work.  It is the perfect product I have been looking for, especially to use when traveling.”

- Paul Putt, Jordan National Soccer Team


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