3v2+1 – The Training Triangle


The Setup

Field Setup:

  • Goals are 4-6 yards wide (get your goals here) – use cones, triangles, bags, shoes, sticks for making goals
  • Goals are 12 to 15 yards apart depending on ability of the players and emphasis
  • Set up side by side fields with each field being 10 yards wide


Game Rules:

  • The defending team has one player who must play on the line as a goalkeeper.
  • The attacking team attacks with all three players
  • The attacking teams goalkeeper must touch the ball before his team can score

Every player on your team should play this game…including the goalkeepers.  So…make it a fun, competitive exercise between the whole team.  If you have 18 players on your team you can accommodate the whole team on three fields side by side.  Keep track of wins and losses.  You can divide the team up into teams of three by having your top attacking players play together, your midfield play together, your backs play together or left sided players, right sided players and central players…or just let them choose their own teams. 


This game is one that can be played often and should be played often.   The space is so small that you play in, it is a low volume running, competitive game that can be played the day before a contest or the day after a contest as part of a regeneration day.