Quick Feet Trainer – The Training Triangle

Quick Feet Trainer

Believe it or not, the quality of a players first step can mean the difference between winning and losing a match.  Both the success of off the ball movements, and on the ball movements begin and develop from a players first step being better than the opponents first step. 

“The key criteria that separates professionals from amateurs is quickness of feet. The footwork training range needs to be quite narrow and small with quick feet.”  Tony Strudwick, Head of Athletic Development for Manchester United

Training this first step in your players is one of the biggest favors you can do for their player development.  The first step is the platform that all action in the game builds from.  There are 3 qualities that decide the effectiveness of your player’s first step:  the power or explosiveness of the first step, the direction or angle of the first step, and the quickness of the feet and mind.


The great news is that all three of these qualities can be trained and improved upon, no matter the players current skill level!  Improving these qualities will create a strong first step platform that great in-game movements can be built upon (see diamond training).  Using the training triangle to train quick feet, agility, and plyometric ability and the Triangle Training Method for pattern recognition training is the most effective and simplest way for players to improve all the qualities that lead to a winning first step.

Train and improve lateral movements and angled plyometrics: 




The Training Triangle™ also adds a measurable and competitive aspect to speed and agility training.  Perform each of these exercises for 10 seconds and count how many reps you can get.  

Who has the quickest feet?  Now you'll know for sure!




Individual Quick Feet and Agility Exercises

In-Outs: Left Foot First


In-Outs: Right Foot First

Plyo Shuffle 


Triangle Shuffle

Back to Front Quick Step

2-Out 3-In Quick Step

Reverse Ickey Shuffle  

Defense Crossover Step 

Triangle Slide