FAQs – The Training Triangle


What if I have never used pattern recognition with my teams?

Coaches tend to train their players similar to how they themselves were taught to play the game growing up.  As the cost, transportation, and storage issues prevented many coaches from ever using this effective training method in the past, a "viscous cycle" emerges where not using this training perpetuates.  It also is not taught in US coaching schools.  This is why we have created a comprehensive eBook and app with diagrams and videos of pattern recognition training that are simple to understand, are effective for all age groups and skill levels.  This eBook will give you a huge initial resource to get you comfortable with this training method right away.


Who created The Triangle Training Method?

The Triangle Training Method was developed and curated by player development expert, Penn State Head Coach Bob Warming.  Coach Warming is a two-time National Coach of the Year and has won more conference championships than any active men’s coach in Division 1.   Coach Warming has been implementing pattern recognition training for years to develop professional level players and has had at least one player drafted in 21 of the last 22 MLS drafts. This year (2017) his program was one of only a handful that had two players drafted, and three signed with MLS teams.


Don’t players need the height provided by a mannequin?

Here is a great two-for-one trade off between full sized mannequins and The Training Triangles.  By removing the height of the mannequin, and only representing the space that a defender might occupy, your training is now encouraging players to visualize where a defender might be.  Visualization is a fundamentally important skill for your players to practice anytime they train!  Also, when using normal mannequins and a pass is misplaced, the training has to stop, the rhythm is interrupted, and now your players are losing valuable time from the exercise.  By removing the height of the mannequin, the ball simply rolls over the triangle, and your players are getting maximum repetitions in the shortest amount of time.


Why not just use cones for pattern recognition training?

A separate tool is needed for players to differentiate the grid of a training area (the cones purpose) and something representing the space of a defender.  Taking the space of a defender is also just one of the many uses for The Training Triangles including plyometric, agility, and partner and a ball technical training.


What can The Triangle Training Method (TTM) do for my club?

Mannequin Training, or pattern recognition training, is being used among elite European clubs and the best coaches in the world to develop players with the quickest feet, and most importantly the quickest minds.  The Training Triangles now make this type of training accessible to all teams by occupying the same space as a traditional mannequin, but solving the portability, storage, and cost issues that create a barrier for most teams to implement this training style that is so fundamental to player development.  Our method also includes a framework of training content for how to implement pattern recognition within your club, along with small sided games to follow up with, technical exercises for warm up, and much more. This will give your club a strong reference when planing practices, curated from some the of the best coaches and clubs around the world, including Bayern Munich and Arsenal.  We have also made our content available through our app allowing your coaches to take the diagrams and videos straight to the field with them!


Do you offer discounts if I want to buy multiple sets?

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing our products for ten (10) or more teams, follow this link to go to TTM Elite, where you can qualify for up to 65% off your purchase!


Who uses The Training Triangle?

The coaches that use our method cover a wide range of team skill levels and age groups.  All over the country and world, boys and girls youth clubs, professional academies, high school teams, men and women's college programs, and even national teams are utilizing TTM to develop their players and organize their training sessions.  Check out the map here