Who Uses The Training Triangle?

Who Uses The Training Triangle?

The coaches that use our method cover a wide range of team skill levels and age groups.  All over the country and world, boys and girls youth clubs, professional academies, high school teams, men and women's college programs, and even national teams are utilizing TTM to develop their players and organize their training sessions.


So we decided to create a global map for you to see all the programs that are now implementing The Triangle Training Method!  


Will your team be next?

More and more coaches are now benefiting from the same type of mannequin training that elite European clubs have been using for years to develop great players.  The Training Triangles have made this type of training accessible to all teams, by occupying the same space as a traditional mannequin, but solving the portability, storage, and cost issues that create a barrier for a majority of teams to use this extremely effective training style.

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