3v3+3 or 4v4+4 – The Training Triangle

3v3+3 or 4v4+4

The Set Up



Field is 25 yds in width and 20 yds in length with a 2 yd end zone on each end.  Two mini goals are placed 3 yds from the outside of the grid.  

3 Teams of 3 players.  

One team is neutral with a player on the line in-between each of the two goals and one in the middle.  No one is allowed to play in the end zone.


Coaching Points

You can begin the game with encouraging your players to play between the lines by finding the neutral player in the end zone early, and quickly supporting him to open up the defense and score.  This makes the exercise become a counter attacking game, and really encourages players to think about the 3rd man run and how it shapes the attack.

You can then turn the game into a more possession based/patient combination exercise by saying you can still play the high guy in the neutral zone, but you have to complete 4 or 5 passes before you can go to goal.