Diamond Training Variation – The Training Triangle

Diamond Training Variation

Take the first step towards mastering the art of passing with The Training Triangle Team Set. Watch the video below, implement these training formats using The Training Triangle, and witness your team's rapid improvement on the field!



Diamond Training exercises are designed to improve pattern recognition, spacing, awareness, and decision-making in players. Once your players have mastered the basics of Diamond Training, they'll be ready to tackle the more advanced Diamond Training, which involves more variety and complexity in passes, angles, and lengths. This leads to quicker decisions on the field and more breathtaking plays.

Our Training Triangle Team Set takes Diamond Training to new heights by simulating defenders and encouraging interactive learning. You'll be amazed by the progress your players make as they learn to think multiple moves ahead and even create their own unique patterns.

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⏱️ Effortless Setup and Storage - Our unique design allows The Training Triangle™ to detach at one corner, making it a breeze to set up and collapse in seconds. Plus, the included carrying bag can fit up to 9 triangles - perfect for on-the-go training!

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