Dribbling + Cut Pass – The Training Triangle

Dribbling + Cut Pass

Finish the dribble with a cut pass through the cones to a teammate.

Incorporating an across body cut pass in a dribbling exercise such as this one, as opposed to a straight and square pass, makes all the difference in an effective dribbling exercise.  In a real game situation, very rarely will a player be able to connect a pass straight ahead, in the same direction that they have been dribbling.  This is because a pass of this type is often too predictable and puts too much pressure on the receiving player.

Players should practice the way they want to try and play.  This dribbling exercise provides an environment where they will be able to receive a high number of repetitions training dribbling the right way, by chopping the ball through the triangles and passing to a teammate at an angle with an across body pass.  To ensure they get maximum repetitions in the shortest amount of time, have two balls rotating at the same time and set up 2 or 3 grids of triangles: