About The Training Triangle™

About The Training Triangle™


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The affordable replacement for mannequin training. The Training Triangle™ (Patent Pending) is the perfect training tool for individual players and teams of all age groups and skill levels.  Training with the triangle is guaranteed to improve passing quality, technique, off the ball movement, footwork, dribbling, and more!


Whether it be for warming up, quick feet and agility exercisestechnique training, or team training, The Training Triangle can be used for every single practice session to improve your game.


A team set of nine triangle's costs less than the price of a single mannequin, weighs less than 8 lbs and provides far greater ease of storage, ease of portability, and ease of set-up than mannequins do. 
With the purchase of a Team Set of 6 or 9 The Training Triangles ™, you will receive an email with a download link for The Team Training Guide eBook which includes diagrams of quality exercises used by top level coaches to get you started on the many mannequin training exercises that you can do as well or better with The Training Triangle.   

Elite clubs all over the world are using mannequin training to develop great players... you should be with your players also.  Just put up to nine triangles in The Training Triangle™ bag, throw it over your shoulder, and transform any location—grass, turf, or even a gym floorinto an elite-level training environment for your team.