Three Box Game – The Training Triangle

Three Box Game

The Setup


Players Needed: 12
​Duration: 8-15-20 min depending on number of players waiting to play


Remove all triangles inside the grid from the 3 box progression and make 3 teams of 4 players.  One team defends for two minutes with two defenders starting in Box 3 and two defenders in Box 2.  The other two teams work together to keep possession with one entire team of four in Box 3, three players from the other team in Box 2, and one player from that team in Box 1.  The objective for the two teams not defending is to keep possession while staying in their own grids and switch the ball to the one player in Box 1.  When they succeed in doing this, three of the four players that were in Box 3 move into Box 2, the three that were in Box 2 join their teammate to make four in Box 1, and the defenders shift so there are two in Box 1 and two in Box 2.  Continue playing for two minutes then switch the team that defends.

Make it a competition!  Defending team is in for 2 minutes and keeps track of how many times they can win the ball during this time.  Each team keeps track of how many balls they won during their time as defenders.  Losing team does fitness.