Training the Final Pass Part 1 – The Training Triangle

Training the Final Pass Part 1

Training players to know how and when to play the final pass that breaks down defenses is an extremely important piece of training for your team's attacking players.  

These type of passes, that are executed so consistently by elite playmakers like David Silva and Andrés Iniesta, are exciting to watch and often result in quality chances on goal.

Watch how many times David Silva breaks the lines with his passes in a single match:  


In order for these passes to come off consistently with your team, the timing and type of pass needs to be properly trained, as well as the timing and type of run made by the receiving player.

This Final Pass Set Up is just one of the many mannequin training exercises Arsenal uses with their first team as well as youth teams to train players to consistently execute the final pass and to play in between the lines of the defense: