Training the Final Pass Part 3 – The Training Triangle

Training the Final Pass Part 3

How it Works:

  1. R start with the ball, B checks for the ball and plays a one-two with R.
  2. R then speed dribbles forward with head up and close, controlled touches.
  3. As R is dribbling forward, B checks away from his triangle, and initiates a run for R to pass into, splitting the two triangles, or defenders.
  4. R and B must get timing of run and pass right to stay onside, if B needs to create more time for R to pass the ball, B should bend his run to stay on sides as long as possible.



The Rotation:

  1. After B plays a one-two with R, he rotates toward the open two triangles to make the final run going the opposite direction.
  2. After R plays the through ball, he stays in the middle for a one-two with G going the opposite direction.
        3.  After B passes to G, he follows his pass and G now starts with the ball going the opposite direction.


TIP:  When first introducing this pattern, players may need extra time to get an understanding of the rotation.  You can add a one-two between B and W to allow G and R more time to get in position for the pattern going the other direction.