Who Uses The Training Triangle?

Who Uses The Training Triangle?

 The Training Triangle is a versatile, affordable, and portable training system designed to standardize high-quality training sessions across all age groups and skill levels. It has been embraced by coaches and teams from recreational to national levels, making a positive impact on player development.


Spanish club TEC Academy has been consistently implementing the triangle training method in their passing and finishing drills, as seen in their video shared above. 

Here's what they had to say about The Training Triangle: 

"The Training Triangle is perfect to develop in players the optimum body orientation.  Our players are already perfecting their technical skills with this method!  In TEC we have incorporated the Triangle Method to our pass wheels, technical figures, isolated domain stations, dribble drills ... The method is used in the top academies at European level for the development of its contents."

Here's what coaches and clubs from various competition levels have to say about The Training Triangle:

🔺 Rec Level: "The Training Triangle may have just saved the many struggling grassroots recreational soccer programs in America!" - Whitney O' Daniel, President, Carbondale Soccer

🔺 High School Level: "Excellent idea and product... it really has been wonderful to see [my players] quickly improve so many elements of their game over a few short months." - Carlos S. Head Coach, Wilson High School

🔺 Academy Level: "The training triangles are a big part of our teams' technical development! We use them every session, and the boys are always excited to use them." - Ronnie Bolton, Clarence United Australia

🔺 College Division I Men's Soccer: "Substituting mannequins with The Training Triangles has solved the portability, storage, transportation, and other issues we've experienced..." - Bob Warming, Penn State Men's Head Coach (Creator of the Training Triangle)

🔺 European Club: "This method is used in the top academies at the European level for the development of its contents." - Borja Facal Lema, Spanish club Unidad TEC Academy

🔺 National Team: "It is the perfect product I have been looking for, especially to use when traveling." - Paul Putt, Jordan National Soccer Team




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