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Heading Trainer Team Set of 6 Soccer Balls

$ 160.00 $ 240.00

Set of six (6)
  • Regulation Sized Balls: Available in Size 4 (8-12 years old) and Size 5 (12 and older)
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighs half as much as a regular soccer ball, perfect for practicing heading without the strain.
  • Ultra Soft Padding: Maximizes softness to enhance comfort and safety during heading practice.
  • Integrated QR Code: Provides direct access to instructional heading training videos, helping players master the proper techniques.
  • High-Quality TPU Exterior: Made with the same material as pro-level match balls, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
  • Purpose-Built for Heading Training: Minimizes sub concussive impacts that can cause headaches or brain damage, promoting a safer way to hone your skills.

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