Team Set of 6 Training Triangle Cones for Soccer Training with Carrying Bag + Triangle Training Method eBook – The Training Triangle

Team Set of 6 with Carrying Bag + Triangle Training Method eBook

$ 149.00

Trains 12 Players  

A portable soccer training solution and proven method for player and team development:

    • Training Triangles take the space of mannequins, or defenders, for team training and pattern recognition training of all age groups and skill levels.
    • Functional on artificial and natural grass surface  
    • Won't stop the play: Ball simply rolls over the triangle when there is a misplaced pass, ensuring your players get the highest number of repetitions possible in the shortest period of time.
    • Perform quick feet, agility, and plyometric training similar to speed ladders with your entire team, but in a limited space and without waiting in line.
    • Includes access to the ever expanding eBook The Triangle Training Method ($49) and Triangle Training Method App for iPhone + Android

Train like the top teams in the world without spending a fortune on mannequins.

Mannequin training is being used among the elite European clubs and best coaches in the world to develop players with the quickest feet, and most importantly the quickest minds.  The Training Triangles now make this type of training accessible to all teams by occupying the same space as a traditional mannequin, but solving the portability, storage, and cost issues that are creating a barrier for most teams to implement this training style that is so fundamental to player development.

Diagrams and videos in the Triangle Training Method eBook are simple to understand and will improve your teams passing quality, positional understanding, technical understanding, footwork, dribbling, and get you started on the many mannequin training exercises that all age groups and skill levels can benefit from with The Training Triangle®.

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