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Mannequin Training, Pep Guardiola, and The Triangle Training Method August 30 2016, 179 Comments

Penn State Men's Soccer Coach Bob Warming has been using mannequin training to develop successful players and teams for years.  "Substituting mannequins with The Training Triangles has solved the portability, storage, transportation and other issues we've experienced while using full sized mannequins to train pattern play for the last 8 years" states Warming.  But the PSU Head Coach isn't the only one beginning to seek a solution to the numerous issues with mannequins, as the list of Men's and Women's College, Club, and High School teams now using The Training Triangle is rapidly growing.  Coaches can now easily implement mannequin training with their teams, without needing to haul full sized mannequins from a storage facility to the field everyday.

The Triangle Training Method and Pep Guardiola

Warming has helped design a completely free website aimed at sharing innovative training methodologies to develop players of all age groups and skill levels.  The site outlines some of his team's training practices in Fall 2015 using mannequin training like this one:  



Notice Any Similarities? 



As you probably know, this is Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich 1st Team, an exemplary top European team, performing mannequin training.  This is why Coach Warming believes it to be so important that US Soccer adopts this training methodology for player development throughout all age groups and tiers.  Proper mannequin training is the most efficient way to give players functional repetitions of different patterns of play on the field. will continue to update its completely free website with new content throughout the spring, introducing many new mannequin training exercises.  Subscribe to be on their mailing list here.  


The Training Triangle provides a portable and affordable solution for coaches to implement mannequin training with their players, regardless of whether or not they are training in a world class facility, a gym floor, or their front yard.  We will also continue to make additions to our Team Training Guide, with diagrams breaking down exercises such as the ones being implemented in the above video by Pep Guardiola (along with additional variations of this diamond training exercise).