21 David Silva Cut Passes In Different Areas of the Field July 01 2016, 35 Comments



Here's a look at one of our favorite playmakers #21 David Silva, using the across body cut pass (mostly in the final 1/3 of the field) to break through the lines of the defense and pass out of tight space.

The next time you watch a top European match, take note of how many times this pass, where a players hips are facing one direction, but he passes in a different direction, is used.  Chances are, you will see almost every player in every position use this type of pass, yet a majority of passing exercises currently available never train it!   If we want our players to consistently pull off this type of pass, shouldn't we be providing them with environments that give them the maximum repetitions, in the shortest period of time, training this technique?  We think so. (and we've seen the results)  The cut pass is one of the fundamental techniques we train to break the lines of the defense and pass out of tight space in The Triangle Training Method eBook: