Prepare Your Players – The Training Triangle

Prepare Your Players


Are You Using the Number One Multipurpose Soccer Training Device in the World? 

The Training Triangle is the perfect multipurpose soccer training tool for consistent high quality training sessions to prepare your players to play at the next level.  TTM was created by player development veteran Bob Warming who has had more than 60 of his players go on to play professionally and a player drafted into the MLS every year except one since the MLS began!

Why is The Training Triangle so effective?

Pattern recognition training is an essential element of nearly every training session in top European Clubs and Academies.  The exercises are used to develop the single most important physical quality in players - quick feet. These exercises also develop quicker minds with the players learning pattern recognition moments and proper spacing in triangles and diamonds.

What are you doing currently every day to develop these two important qualities?

The top coaches and academies are doing these type exercises as part of nearly every session.  We can help you and your team develop quicker feet, quicker minds, and provide you with proven exercises that will have your team playing effectively in diamonds and triangles.  Included with every team set purchase is our TTM App, allowing you to bring demonstration videos and training diagrams straight to the field with you!